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Promoting transportation systems that efficiently maximize the mobility of people and goods with minimal negative impact.Sherman Denison MPO
  • Denison, Texas - Birthplace of President Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • North Texas Regional Airport

  • Denison and Sherman 1905 Interurban Rail

  • Sherman, Texas - Home of Austin College

  • McKinney Wilson Park in Van Alstyne, Texas

  • Steamboat Annie P. Arrives in Denison from New Orleans in 1905

Welcome to transportation planning within the Sherman - Denison, Texas urban area. We are located 70 miles north of Dallas along the Red River which separates Texas and Oklahoma. Home to beautiful Lake Texoma and Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge.

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      October, 2020 
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By order of Sherman-Denison Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Policy Board, Grayson County, Texas, the Executive Director is authorized to advertise to receive SEALED REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) for the Grayson County Travel Demand Model Update.

The RFP can be found by clicking HERE.

RFP for furnishing the services described herein will be received until 2:00 P.M. (CDT) on October 27, 2020 at which time the RFP will be publicly opened and acknowledged.  Return RFP to Sherman-Denison MPO, 100 W. Houston St., Suite G1, Sherman, TX 75090 to the attention of Clay Barnett, P.E.  Grayson County reserves the right to accept or reject any and all RFPs, and to award based on the lump sum price.  Payment will be made from current budgeted funds.

Responses to questions can be found below:

Question No. Date Received Question/Comment Response
1 10/20/2020 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many public entities have allowed for electronic only proposal submissions. Would Sherman-Denison MPO consider an electronic only submission, instead of the required hard copies and ink signatures, in light of the current situation? Our Purchasing Department requires the hard copies and have not changed the requirements.
2 10/20/2020 The RFP cover as well as Section 5.12 state that proposers shall “acknowledge receipt of each addendum, if any, on the exterior of the envelope”. Please specify if this refers to the external packaging of the proposal, the envelope the technical proposals are placed inside, or both. The envelope the technical proposals are placed inside is sufficient.
3 10/20/2020 Will Sherman-Denison provide an estimate of budget expectations for this project? We have budgeted $165,000 for this effort.
4 10/20/2020 Will the issued contract be firm fixed price? What level of detail is required in the cost proposal? The contract will be fixed price.  The cost proposal should be sufficient to include as Exhibit “A” referenced in Article II.A of the “Agreement for Professional Services” included as Attachment A of the RFP.  Additionally, the Cost Proposal should follow Section 2 of the RFP and be broken out by task.
5 10/20/2020 Please confirm that only one (1) copy of the cost proposal shall be provided in a sealed envelope. One copy of the cost proposal is sufficient.
6 10/20/2020 Article VII A (2) (Insurance) states that Company shall provide and maintain in full force and effect commercial automobile liability insurance covering the operation of owned, non-owned, and hired automobiles. Our firm does not own any vehicles and because of that our Automobile Insurance does not include owned vehicles. Considering this please confirm that such Automobile Insurance Policy which does not include owned vehicles will be accepted. That is acceptable.
7 10/20/2020 Article VII B (7) (Insurance) states that Company may maintain reasonable and customary deductibles, subject to approval by the Sherman-Denison MPO. In that relation please note that our firm has a $100,000 deductible on its professional liability policy. Please confirm that this deductible is acceptable to MPO. That is acceptable.
8 10/20/2020 Article XVII D (Release of Information) prohibits any information concerning the project or the Agreement to be released. Our firm would like to keep the possibility to include a description of the project for the purpose of qualifications, and as such, would Sherman-Denison MPO consider adding the following in the end of Article XVII D: Provided, the foregoing shall not preclude the Company or its subcontractor from including a description of this project for purposes of specifying its qualifications or to comply with reporting procedures. That is acceptable.
9 10/20/2020 Is any of the funding for the project federal funds? All funding for this project is federal funds passed through the State of Texas.

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